When I was in the hospital
I was roomed with a schizophrenic
And she was the most gentle person I have ever met
There was a boy with a long deep slit across his neck
Who told very funny jokes
A girl who never spoke a word
Would draw the most beautiful pictures
The boy who shook with anxiety
Could hold the most intelligent conversations
Even the girl who screamed in her sleep and picked at her skin
Had a heart the size of the ocean
We are not who you think we are

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when you and your buddy are low on potassium


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boys who grab ur face with both hands when they kiss u win at pretty much everything

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You don’t test a gentle person the way that you don’t steep tea for too long. Submerge me and I will imbue, and what was sweet will be bitter. I will be strong on your tongue and unpleasant to the taste, and you’ll regret drowning me in your guile.

My gentleness is not for your taking.
n.t.    (via seulray)

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i really like it when boys look nice in suits like wow a+ you can wear that to my bedroom

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